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Florian Borstlap (NL, 1983).

I am a multi-disciplined artist and former merchant sailor with an extensive portfolio ranging from boundary-pushing theater concepts such as ‘The Performance Bar’ and 'Pop-up Studio' to fine art projects like 'Dutch Snack Art' and 'The Entity of ZOON'. From a young age I travelled the world with my parents and quickly learned that a theatrical presence could give me what I needed to entertain and inspire people. This adventurous lifestyle continued when I became first mate on merchant ships, travelling the world and learning from different cultures, giving me insight and joy as well as work ethics, technical skills and independence. Between 2004 and 2019 I combined my nautical career with my artistic endeavors and I am now proudly a full-time artist. 

I embrace an absurdist approach to deconstruct and analyze social structures, striving to co-create performances and interactions that are awkward yet fulfilling. My work method involves experimentation and improvisation, pushing the boundaries of human behavior and its aesthetics, all while keeping in mind the power of irony. My performances and interactions aim to inspire others, expressing my love of life and encouraging community involvement and diversity.

Courtesy: represented by Gallery Untitled 

© photo by Iris Bergman


@ studioborstlap[at]gmail.com
📞 +316 465 521 02

highlighted performances, event and happenings 

2022: Fringe meets Nederlands Theater Festival: Performance 'An awkward heeling by Solarium' 

2022: Mola Mola story: performance in Boys Won't Be Boys; Rikkert van Huisstede 

2022: Is het Kunst of mag het Weg (Auction)

2022: Performance Delivery Service

2022: The Treehouse Club; Weelde Rotterdam(Performance experience)

2021: Frikadellen Wellness Experience

Ongoing: Democracy Realness i.c.w. Jasper van den Berg

2020 Muted in Motion (Non-speaking art event) 

2019 Tutorial DIY workshop

2019 Lolly Panic, Modern Dance Performance

2019 Jerry Springer’s Dream; Cocktail Night

2019 Non performance (event)

2019 Pump up the puppetry (show)

2019: STOP performance

Ongoing: Mola Mola, (Drag/Alter-ego)

2018: PFFF: Pan Flute Fantasy Festival

2018: Interactive Murder Mystery Night

2018: Bcademie meets Art Apfeltschüss

2018: Under The Sea (event)

2018: Binge Bingo (show)

 2018: Meeting i.c.w. Ko de Kok:  Charlois Speciaal (performance)

2018: Delivery performance (happening)

2018: The Awkward Award show

2018: Museum Night R'dam; Don’t feed the artist, Art safari i.c.w Inge Aanstoot (happening)

2018: A healing by humanoid Solarium (performance)

Ongoing The Darklord: Drill Instructor (Alter-ego)

2017: My seaman's life story (performance)

2017: Surrealistic night event / Museum Booijmans van Beuningen

Ongoing: Pop de Dirigent (performance)

2016: A Ritual Concerning Hate; Charlois Speciaal (performance)

2016: De Persconferentie: (performance)

2015: An Interpretation of Futuristic Pigment Rituals: Art Rotterdam

2015: The Performance Bed (interactive show)

2014: Performance Bar IK: Theaterfestival De Parade 

2013: Roodkapje Rotterdam:  The becoming 'OF' ritual

2013: Wereld van de Witte de With: Procession of The ZOON

Ongoing: Art Apfeltschuss (Art Curator/Alter-ego)

2010-2012: Bond voor Wilde Dansers (happenings)


2010 Universitat de Kunste, Berlin

2006-10 Willem de Kooning Art Academy

2005-06 Bachelor Maritime Management

2004-05 Dredging engineering, Maritime Academy

2000-04 Maritime Officer, Maritime Academy

Nominations and Awards

2019 Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds 

2019 - 2022: Fonds Podium Kunsten/ Nieuwe Makers Regeling

Exhibitions and performances (selection)      

2021: Gallery Untitled; Ambachtelijke Snack Collectie

2020: Galerie 158: Patatjes Mayo, kunst collectie

2019: The Performance Bed; De Parade

2019:  Motel Mozaique - Rotterdam

2018: Berliner Festspiele: The Performance Bar int. randprogramma nacht.      

2018: The Container Club; De Parade, i.c.w Maarten Bel and Ko de Kok.

2018: Welcome to The Village: Nachtprogramma; The Performance Bar int.

2018: The Others Art Fair - Torino; The Performance Bar int. 

2016: The Pop-up recording Studio i.c.w. Ko de Kok, Shopping Mall 'Zuidplein'

2015: The Performance Bar: De Parade seizoen 2015

2013: Solo show, The Entity of ZOON. Roodkapje RotterdamRead the published bookledworkproces blog

2010: Shanghai Biennale; International Students' Exhibition

2010: Gallery BLAAK010, Best of Graduation WdKa

2010: Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Air-Bed-Sculpture

2009: Center for Visual Arts, Rotterdam (CBK), Air-Bed-Sculpture

Otheractivities (selection)

2014 - 2022†: Founder, curator and host, The Performance Bar at WORM, Rotterdam/International Video#2  Video#1,

2019 Artist in Residence: Rimbun Dahan, Maleisia

2019 Theater Rotterdam: Grande Loge X The Performance Bar: KAPSALON. i.c.w: Tjon Rockon, Tommy Ventevogel

2019 Decor and costume design, Zaal 3, Den Haag, Poezie Boys: Selfkicker [De Parade]

2019 Decor and costume design, Zaal 3, Den Haag, Poezie Boys: Bonte Avond [De Parade]

2013 Teach workshops; Utopian Tools, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

2013 Teach workshops; Philosophy with Children, Roodkapje Rotterdam.

The Performance Bar: 2014 - 2022

MU EindhovenThe Préformance Bar - Live Stream​Hull - England | Weelde - Rotterdam | Beate Uwe - Berlin | Berliner Festspiele - Berlin | The Others Art Fair - Torino |   Club Sisyphos - Berlin | Welcome to the Village - Leeuwarden | Club Bar - Rotterdam | Paradiso / Joost van Bellen - Amsterdam | Theater Rotterdam - Rotterdam | Motel Mozaique - Rotterdam | Soma Gallery - Berlin | De Geheime Tuin - Rotterdam | Moyn Moyn - Germany | Beate Uwe - Berlin | IFFR - Rotterdam | Kiezburn - Germany

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